Spa, Salon Selling Skills

If you could drastically increase the value of each customers visit to your salon by 35 to 45% or more, how would that impact your salon's profitability over a 12 month period?

Sadly, most salons LOSE that amount every time a customer walks out of the door!

Salon Marketing has changed considerably over the last 5 years and so we need to embrace these changes to improve the way we sell to our clients without being 'in fear' of doing so...

As an industry we have allowed our market share to be eroded by the large commercial cosmetic companies who have focused on giving the customer their "needs, wants and desires" in retail skin care through other outlets. And because we took our eyes off this,  we have all but lost our retail business while everyday their sales market share grows larger.

Don’t let this happen....It's now time to turn around and fight to get our retail sales market share back. But how can we accomplish this? I believe we can do it by being the "experts" we trained to be.

The aim for retail sales is to be able to pay the rent & part of the consumables.

Effective Retailing by Up-selling & Cross-selling in your salon or spa, not only increases sales, but just as importantly, it adds value to your customer relationships.

How to take your salon further by Selling professionally & effectively...

Potential profits could be walking out of the door every single day!

Can your salon spa business afford this to be happening?

Learn to INCREASE SALES in your Salon Today…!!!

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For less than the cost of just 4 seats in an open/public training program (very general) that you will be incurring elsewhere in Dubai/ Doha, we will provide you a Complete Customized Training on any of our sessions (for ideally upto 20) at your premises, on days convenient to you…

Who Should Attend The Spa Training?

Any one in the Spa, Salon, Health Club business....They're all important!  They could each MAKE or BREAK your Business!

Our Guarantee & Challenge!

Check us out first!! (…On our Rates, Value, Content, Methodology, Testimonials) …Before you consider anyone else (Check our websites listed below on what our customers have to say!)



"Very interesting....One of the best I have had in my life. After the training, I was clear about the objectives of Selling in my Spa....."

"It built our creativity & work in teams with open minds....Learnt a lot on Up-selling, Handling complaints politely & how to translate to profits!!! Awesome, Interesting!!"

"Awesome...Very Good!!!"

"Interesting & very useful information....the way to handle my Guests...very useful for my future...."

"I liked the fact that the Trainer was able to keep the attention & interest of the participants at ALL times...A lot of useful information...very informative!!! Forced us to think by ourselves"

"Excellent Training!"

"Clear, great information- loved the exercises, examples...I gained enough & valuable information- Gerard, A great Trainer!!!"

"Helped me greatly on my Self-Confidence, Handling Complaints & Being Customer Focussed!!!"

"Every part clearly understood...Gained extensive knowledge in Selling, Up-selling & Cross-selling our services...Changed my Personal Attitude!!! Thanks a lot..."

We are Specialists in Customized Training
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We are Specialists in Customized Training

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  • Customized Sales Training
  • Selling Skills for specialized sectors like:
    • Media
    • Retail
    • Insurance
    • FMCG’s
    • Telecom
    • Pharma
    • IT / Software etc
    • Retail Sales Training
Key Account Management
  • Territory Management & Market Segmentation
Tele-sales Training
  • Tele-calling
  • Tele-Marketing
Sales Managerial Skills
  • Managerial Skills for Sales Managers
  • Dealer Management
  • Coaching Skills
Customer Service Skills
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  • Customer Retention Skills
  • Lifetime Value of Customers
  • Presentation Skills
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